The JGBS.ORG web site has been designed and is maintained by volunteers. It receives no external funding. The records have been transcribed by volunteers, mostly amateurs. As a consequence, there will likely be transcription errors. We make every effort to correct such errors, as we become aware of them. Furthermore, we focus on making the official civil records from the 18th and 19th century available on the internet. We do not claim that they represent reality, simply that these were the official records at the time. We can, therefore, accept no responsibility for consequences that any erroneously transcribed records may cause. We will correct any true transcription errors. If you find such errors, simply send us an e-mail with details regarding an incorrect record (including record number) and the reason you have for challenging the validity of the data. However, if the properly transcribed records conflict with your own private records, we can not change what is on the web site.

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