Our Sources

We are in the fortunate situation that the University of Augsburg, the Bayerisches Staatsarchiv in Augsburg and local historians, among them Rolf Hofmann, Doris Pfister and Peter Fassl have taken a special interest in the Jewish history of the region. As a consequence, we not only have an exhaustive catalogue of available documents accessible on the internet, but Rolf Hofmann has already transcribed most of the BMD (birth, marriage & death) registers and grave lists in the Oettingen area. The Pfister/Fassl catalogue has pinpointed corresponding documents for the other regions in Bavarian Swabia. Most of the BMD registers were collected by the Nazi "Reichssippenamt" for its criminal purposes. The system of Jewish Civil Records in Southern Germany has its own fascinating history. (click here)

This situation created a unique opportunity for Jewish genealogists not only to develop an integrated genealogical database for a defined Jewish population in Southern Germany in the early 19th century, but to also expand our understanding of the historic, geographic, cultural and economic circumstances which allowed this society to flourish.

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