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Searching for specific names is not as simple, as one might presume. Apart from simple spelling errors and errors in transcription, family or civil names became fixed only gradually. Prior to 1800 civil names were sporadic. Most people used their 'patronymic', i.e. father's name after their given name.

For this reason, one and the same person might have been listed in the registries with several different family names or spellings. For example 'Guggenheimer' appeared sometimes as 'Gugenheim' or 'Gugenheimer' or even 'Guggenheimb'. The spellings 'Deckinger', 'Dekkinger' or 'Degginger' could apply to the same person.

We have developed a special search algorithm (distinct from Soundex or Daitch-Mokotoff) that is optimized for the name evolution and idiom common among Jews in Bavarian Swabia during the 18th and 19th century. SuperSearch has some implied wildcard capability but does not support explicit wildcard searches. For more selective searches use the regular search screens.

This deceptively simple looking search form allows you to simultaneously search for a civil and first name (as of 8/24/2011) in all applicable civil and first name fields respectively across the various record types and throughout the Bavarian Swabian communities. You may either search for names starting with, containing or ending with a specific letter combination, to search for an exact name, or to search for a civil name that 'sounds like'.

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