Important Message!

JGBS is now merged into the Germany database at JewishGen,
as a result, you have to log into JewishGen in order to search the JGBS database.
You find some background at the "Bavaria-Swabian Jewish Records Home".

A change in venue for the JGBS website became necessary in view of my age. I don't know how much longer I will be capable of managing a somewhat complex website. JewishGen seemed like a rational solution, since it is the most prominent website for Jewish genealogists. JewishGen got the database fully documented for free, with the only condition that the work of the volunteers who contributed to its development be acknowledged appropriately.

The transfer took much longer than anticipated, and the outcome was not entirely as agreed. But the alternative, namely the site just quietly disappearing, seemed even less desirable.
I wish you all much success in your quest,

Ralph Bloch